Aug 13, 2008

Last day of my twenties....

Sitting around my apartment with no pants on, drinking coffee, surfing the internet, reading books. I thought I should do more than this, but I'm perfectly content.

Tonight I'm going to see Radiohead with Y and two of our closest friends (the couple whose wedding we met at). Radiohead! I've wanted to see them for years and their tickets are so hard to get. A birthday present from Y, and a present of sorts from the friends we're going with as they called me first for dibs on the two tickets.

Ahhh, good things. I feel content, I feel ready, I feel good.

Finally, I feel good.

Haven't really binged in a few weeks and I am starting to feel that all the pain that I've been holding onto and unsure of how to deal with is melting away. I'm conscious of it, I'm aware of moving past it. It's incredibly liberating. I feel like I'm OK on my own, OK without the weight of the past strapped to me and holding me back. I don't need to use it as a crutch, as a barrier....I can live without it. I can use it to make me stronger and better.

That scared little kid I've been for so long is finally growing up. And I really, really like who she's becoming.


  1. Happy birthday! Have a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday!! And yeah - my 30's were really good. Still young, but wiser and much more confident. All the best for a fabulous decade ahead. XOXO

  3. happy birthday sweetie. This is a brilliant way to start your 30's Hope you had a fabulous start to your new decade! xx

  4. Oh, I've been crazy busy and haven't been keeping up with blogs, so I just now spotted this! Hope you had a great birthday :)