Jan 24, 2011

Day Zero List - 1001 things to do in 101 days

So many of you have inspired me to do my own Day Zero list
These are 101 things I'd like to try to accomplish/try/do in 1001 days.

Starting Date - January 24, 2011
Day to Complete - October 21, 2013

Those in progress are in italics

Those completed are in red

1   Take a photography class
2   Learn how to play my banjo
3   Do a 365 photo project
4   Attend a knitting meet-up
5   Learn how to crochet
6   Learn how to use my sewing machine
7   Take a photo of myself every day for a month
8   Complete knitting a pair of socks
9   Hand make Christmas gifts for everyone
10   Paint something I can hang on the wall

11   Get married (this one's easy, but SO important and exciting!)
12   Go without internet for 24 hours
13   Pay off credit cards
14   Have a conversation fully in French
15   Wear makeup every day for a week
16   Volunteer at the community garden
17   Apply to nursing school
18   Volunteer at the hospital
19   Save at least $3,000
20   Write a personal letter or thank you card once a day for a month
21   Move to a house that has a fenced in yard
22   Blog at least once a week for a year
23   Create a vision board
24   Organize my dressing room
25   Give away all the clothes that no longer fit me.  Don't hold onto them for sentimental reasons!
26   Keep the kitchen table completely cleared off for a month
27   Have people over to our house for dinner
28   Have my nieces over for a  sleepover/dance party
29   Have boudoir photos taken
30   Have a dress designed and custom made just for me
31   Go without TV/Netflix/Hulu for 48 hours while at home
32   Track my weight loss by taking full-body pictures once a month
33   Track my weight loss by taking my measurements once a month
34   Take my mother on a lighthouse tour
35   Get my teeth whitened
36   Try meditation
37   Write my 2011 self a letter from my 2012 self
38   Travel to Europe
39   Take a road trip
40   Spend a night in a treehouse
41   Pay off my public library fine!
42   Write a poem a week for 3 months
43   Write my will
44   Get life insurance
45   Take a girls' trip
46   Go to the Peabody-Essex Museum
47   See a play
48   Keep my bedroom floor uncluttered for two weeks straight!
49   Sleep on a houseboat

Health and Fitness
50   Go to spin class every week for a  month
51   Go ice skating
52   Go another month without processed foods
53   Get a physical
54   Have an eye exam (instead of waiting another 7 years!)
55   Try rollerblading
56   Try wearing contact lenses
57   Floss every day for a month
58   Complete the C25K training program
59   Wear a bikini in a public place
60   Try a BodyVive class
61   Take a beginner yoga workshop (Rasamaya Yoga workshop - February 2011)
62   Go on an overnight backpacking hike
63   Go swimming at the local lap pool
64   Hike one of the Presidential mountains in NH
65   Take another rock climbing course
66   Go to the indoor rock climbing gym
67   Run a mile
68   Run a 5K
69   Go to the gym every day for a week
70   Ride my bike to work
71   Go cross-country skiing

72   Bake 4 different types of yeast breads
73   Make coq au vin from Julia Child's cookbook
74   Learn to make a great salad dressing from scratch
75   Try one new fruit a month for a year
76   Don’t eat out for a month
77   Have friends over for a dinner party
78   Go to a wine tasting at a local winery
79   Join a CSA
80   Go to a cheese class
81   Eat only locally grown/made food for a day
82   Make a recipe from at least every cookbook I own
83   Make and decorate gingerbread men from scratch
84   Make grilled pizza
85   Learn to make yogurt
86   Take dinner leftovers to work for lunch for a week
87   Make ice cream
88   Plant a vegetable garden on my patio
89   Eat at the dining room table every night for a week
90   Take a cooking class

Being a Good Do-Bee
91   Pay for the person behind me at a toll booth
92   Do "trail magic" on the Appalachian Trail
93   Spend a vacation day volunteering on a project
94   Leave a 100% tip
95   Plant a tree
96   Throw a Naked Lady party and donate all the extra clothes to a woman's shelter
97   Write a letter to the editor
98   Donate an amount of money that makes me feel uncomfortable
99   Fill someone's freezer
100   Volunteer at a soup kitchen
101   Donate money to my alma mater (completed: Jan 2011)


  1. What an awesome list of things to focus on!

  2. Great list!