Feb 26, 2009

Goals this week

My WeightWatchers week starts on Thursdays so I'm going to set my goals today.

1. Buy (and use!) a food scale - heard great reviews about both the Oxo Good Grips and the WeightWatchers scales

2. Work out on at least 4 days (I should really pop open that 30-Day Shred with Jillian Michaels DVD I bought!). Updated: Two of these workouts should include strength training.

3. Finish unpacking all but my books (need to buy a new bookcase)

4. Rework budget to be a bit more concrete


  1. Great goals!

    When I started working out a few years ago, I started a "gym fund." Every single time I went to the gym, I put a dollar in an envelope. Once I had saved $100, I had firmed up and was able to buy myself something pretty.

    Sometimes that dollar was the only thing motivating me to go to the gym! It really worked!

  2. Hi TJ! I really like that idea.

    I'm also on a savings kick so it's a good way to boost that. With summer coming, it would be nice to be able to buy myself a special new sundress or something to show off my stronger arms!