Jun 10, 2008

Christmas ain't got nothing on summer!

The most wonderful time of the year? SUMMER!

Having the best time already and it's technically still only spring.
  • Swimming in a friend's pool
  • Grilling in my newly discovered backyard
  • Barefoot dance parties in the dirt with my roommate
  • Camping in Vermont
  • Long walks in the flower-tinged evening air
  • Afternoons reading on the beach
  • Grilling in general - I'm like the newly reformed vegetarian who can't get enough steak and hamburgers - what's happening to me!?
My whole outlook is more open, my mood is lifted, my skin is golden. It's going to be a great summer - I know it! And if any summer should be good, it's this one. I am turning 30 soon, after all (and I'm admitting it!).

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