Oct 21, 2008

Noncommital underachiever

I'm stuck in the middle of the book Wicked and can't decide if I want to keep reading it or not. Everyone I know that's read it has given up at some point partly through... I'll trudge for a bit longer, but I don't think reading should be trudging, I think it should be a bit more glorious and enjoyable than that.

I had a big urge to knit last night...maybe I'll finally finish a project this year. Why is it always so easy to start a project and so hard for me to finish?

Last month I decided to work out regularly and have been slacking off these past few weeks. My weight loss has been up and down, lose 2 pounds one week, gain them back the next.

What is going on with me!? I need to get serious, make some decisions and make some progress.

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