Apr 30, 2009

Oh, that's just the couch cushion fused to my rear end!

I have a confession - I spent not one, but THREE hours watching Real Housewives of New York last night.

Yes, that's 3.

Three, tres, trois, any language you use it's atrocious! (My official excuse - I didn't take any allergy meds yesterday and was a total train wreck. All I could manage was laying on the couch when I got home from work) Lo and behold, there was a special marathon of my least favorite love-to-hate vapid yellowheads on BravoTV just for me.

I felt dirty after watching it. And good. They're so incredibly obnoxious, but the show is just so pathetically delicious!

So I've decided to make a little list for myself of alternate activities I can choose from the next time I'm looking for a way to fill some time:

  • French lessons
  • Play the banjo
  • Organize my recipe collection
  • Do a yoga or Shred DVD
  • Head out for a bike ride
  • Study for the GREs
  • Call a friend
  • Play with the bunnies
  • Go for a walk
All interesting, enriching or fun, but I guess not quite the guilty pleausures Bravo always provides!

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