May 1, 2009

Three Things for a Friday

1. I'm stuck around the same weight loss number, but my clothes are fitting a lot better and I have a ton of energy. I'll call that a huge accomplishment!

2. This article in Fabulous UK magazine is pretty interesting (courtesy of a link through Digg). While we often strive for these unattainable airbrushed model proportions, this study tries to kick that desire right on its rounded arse. The article is a little Britain-centric, so I didn't recognize all the celebrities referenced, but the big point is - why waste so much time hating on ourselves when we're just fine - beautiful, healthy and fine!

I feel like I waste so much time missing out on positive energy when I'm staring in the mirror searching for another dimple in my upper thighs or lamenting the curve of my tummy. Nothing new here, it's a similar piece that we've read countless times in countless women's magazines, but it reminded me again that we're all pretty similar. So many of us worry about the same things and have similar insecurities. Kind of points out, once again, that this is mostly just a load of bollocks (another nod to my British sisters!).

I had a friend tell me the other day that she's working out so she can look the same way that she did when she was 20. This woman is 40, super fit, and has a totally rocking body. Try as we might, we couldn't convince her that what she has RIGHT NOW is what she should want. Hmmm, someone not listening to their own advice much?

3. I have been loving getting out on the bike now that the weather is warm and the roads are cleared. My hands bother me if I ride for very long though, I'm thinking I need some gloves. Any suggestions?

Happy spring!

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