May 11, 2009

Just like riding a bike

When you fall off, you just got to get back on and keep pedaling! That's how I'm looking at this weight loss/health quest....getting back on and looking forward.

Had a great day today, tracked everything, made good choices and felt good. It really is easier for me when I stay on here I am.

I've got to just keep tracking, keep posting and keep being honest!

My goals this week:

1. Track, track, track!
2. Blog
3. Exercise - walking, Zumba, weights.

So far, so good. Slipped out at work today and got in a 2 mile walk. FINALLY found my missing Nike ipod gadget too so I was able to track the workout. Here I go! 35 minutes, 2.18 miles, 342 calories burned (I think this is an overestimation, based on the gadget, not a HR monitor).


  1. Great job at getting right back at it. That's the important thing - NEVER QUIT! Every moment is a new opportunity to make healthy choices. :-)
    Path to Health

  2. Thanks June! I just feel better and focused right now. Life isn't always easy and when it's a little quieter, I'm going to jump back on the chance to be as healthy as I can.

  3. "When you fall off, you just got to get back on and keep pedaling!"

    ↑↑ You said it!!!

    Great job on your 2mile walk today and those look like great goals for the week!!