Aug 30, 2010

Motivate Monday

Sundays are usually my day to relax, be lazy, spend way too much time on the couch, have an extra cookie. And the result of this is that I’m even more tired and lazy on Mondays. Hmm, not working. Though, I must admit, it seems like a good idea every single time Sunday rolls around again.

Dreaded Monday – back to work, responsibilities and schedules. Screw that old routine. I’m taking Monday back and making it mine. I’m motivating. I’m setting out my goals and I’m going for a mandatory Monday workout. (Mandatory in that I must check in here and report it….every single week. Otherwise, the internet police might get me. See how that works?)

My goals for this week:

Monday – gym
Wednesday - yoga DVD at home
Saturday - bike ride and swimming

Track everything I eat this week – even on the weekend
Think about what I’m eating, whether I’m hungry, what will fuel me
Start the 10-Day Real Food Pledge!

Weekend (long holiday weekend):
Don’t use the weekend away as an excuse to eat and drink anything and everything thinking I can make up for it next week!

Thoughts on last week:
Talked myself out of going to the gym at least twice. What’s the point of that? Why try to punish myself? I felt GREAT after that Monday workout.
Lost over a pound in spite of a trip to Florida and a camping trip. Woo hoo!
I did choose great snacks most days (fruits and veggies) and tracked everything every day. Keep it up.


  1. Unless I'm working an event, Sunday is always my day to spend on the couch either watching NASCAR and/or NFL football. Monday's I usually fast and work out. Sundays are CHEAT days and some days rest days. Lately, it's been an active rest day.

  2. I'm impressed that you can get right back into it on Mondays. I'm usually still lagging a little behind!

  3. New to your blog :) I love the 10 day real food challenge!!! I should try that because I also find myself eating processed foods in a bind, which if you knew me, you'd know how much I know that it's bad for you!!! :) I look forward to seeing your results!