Mar 3, 2011

Sicky sick

After battling a cold for the last week, I'm finally feeling better and actually faced the treadmill for a run today.  I was feeling anxious as the last time I tried to run, my legs felt like tree trunks and I could barely run for a minute.

But I had a FANTASTIC workout today.  I felt good, I felt strong, my breathing was even and my body felt happy to be working hard.  Just what I had hoped for!

At the time of that less-than-stellar workout last week, I didn't realize what was going on.  But the heavy legs and the desire to slow down made me feel insecure.  I felt "fat" and I felt "lazy".  Of course as I looked deeper and tried to see the positives,  it was just that my body was fighting something off and I was getting sick.  But I struggled to stay positive and keep telling myself that the tired heaviness was not about my fitness level or my weight loss success, but it was solely my body telling me to slow down and get some rest.

So often in the past I've heard the saying that your body is a machine.  Give it the chance to work for you and it won't let you down.  More than ever I believe this and live this now.  It's amazing the things I can accomplish when I simply ask my body to do something and believe that it can.  Sure, sometimes I have to work up to a certain thing.  But it's there to work hard and to feel good.  And I'm grateful for that.

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  1. That's what happens to me. I managed to get sick of an ice cream. What cure do you recommend?