May 3, 2008

sat morning update

Thanks to a comment from Ms. Cookie, I am feeling much better about my task list. Prioritizing is key. So while I did prioritize watching 27 Dresses and eating ice cream over my list last night, I feel worlds better this morning. And I still got some stuff done. So if I need to carry some things over to next week, so what?

I'm not used to having free time, so when I do, I always come up with these grand lists of things to accomplish. And then when I can't to them all, I get so disappointed and frustrated with myself. Oh, time management, why do you elude me so?

(already have 4 loads done!)
Make macaroni and cheese to bring to a friend's little sister and her roommate
Go through bills and pay off credit
cards (ALL my credit cards are paid off!! That’s an incredible feeling!)
Work out
Clean up mess left from leaking ceiling

Organize closet
Drop off clothes at Goodwill
Make cards
Write out already-purchased thank you cards
Rework budget for May
Study for the GREs - follow Week 1

Organize recipes and cookbooks
Volunteer at the NH public television auction Saturday evening
Visit bf
Survey camping equipment
Call my brother

1 comment:

  1. you sure we weren't seperated at birth? I do the same, I make endless lists and feel obliged to do all sorts of stuff, when really I just need a break and can do half of that list at some other point. Glad you benefited from my mistakes :-)