Jul 15, 2008

Book recommendations?

Book recommendations please?

Keep in mind, it's summertime and hot here (today it was about 91F and very humid). Do the seasons affect what you like to read?


  1. I'm reading a Penny Vincenzi at the moment, or actually I have started to read it. Love simple books in summer time and all her books are just page turners and typical girly girl books.

  2. I just read America Unchained by Dave Gorman which is basically a great roadtrip by an English guy who tries to cross the States without buying any gas, food or lodging from chains.

    Sounds preachy but isn't at all, very funny.


  3. Thanks girls! I'll look for those.

    I actually picked up White Oleander last night, not exactly light and summery, but beautifully written (so far).

  4. I notice that in the summer months, I prefer light reading. Maybe the heat affects my ability to concentrate. I would feel odd recommending books I like to others, however, as I'm a freak that likes to read non-fiction: either history or science-related stuff. Did I just admit that I'm dull? ;)