Jul 23, 2008

Rain, rain go away

I was actually going to blog last night for the first time in too long. Instead I had a baking disaster that added up to a bunch of lemon cupcakes that turned out bright yellow and sunken in on themselves. Thank goodness for supermarket bakeries. No pictures need be shared of the catastrophe. I even whipped up some yummy lemon buttercream frosting. Must find something else to do with it tonight.

New season of Project Runway started last week. I just love it! And it's indulgent TV that doesn't make me feel quite so guilty for some reason. Not that it's any classier than anything else on TV, but certainly Tim Gunn adds to the epicurean value, no!? And Heidi Klum is just too cute for words. How can you not want to have the two of them over for coffee!?

I'm currently stuck at work because it's raining so hard outside and I have not only no umbrella but a VERY thin little dress on. No need to put on a show for all my colleauges as I run by the windows in the rain!

Today I'm grateful for: girls' nights, being hopeful about love, houses in the woods, nights in with a good book

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  1. Just posting to say you have great taste in music.
    Hyperballad is one of my favourite tracks :)