Mar 13, 2009

Thursday Check-in

This week's goals:

1. Don't let this week's slight gain get me off track. (should be easy enough, I'm feeling okay about it, if anything it motivated me more)

2. Make at least one class at the gym during the week and one yoga class on the weekend.

3. Track 7 days.

4. Relax and be kind to myself!

4. Try at last one recipe out of my new cookbooks:

Last week's goals:

1. Keep tracking
every day and believe that if I follow the program, I will keep seeing results. I did the believing but not all of the tracking. It showed on the scale.
Work out on at least 4 days, including 2 strength training workouts (This afternoon I'm going to go snowshoeing). Got at least 4 days of exercise in! A great start.

I am going to take TessaJ's advice and put a dollar in my change jar for every time I work out. Woo hoo $5!
4. Start my new blog feature - Tuesday Reviews. In draft form still.

5. Go to my first book club meetup on Tuesday. Getting out and trying new things and meeting new people has been scary for me for a while as I've settled into my own insecurities. Time to branch out! The book is Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan (which I also need to read a lot more of before Tuesday!) Work got in the way! Next month.

Last week's exercise:

Thurs: 1 mi snowshoe (25 min)
Sat: 3.5 mile walk (1 hr)
Sun: The Shred DVD, L1
Monday: 2 mi min snowshoe (45 min)
Tuesday: 2.1 mile walk (30 min)

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