Sep 7, 2010

Shake it off

I'm not really sure what's going on with me this past week but I'm moody and a little down. Everything's fine - I'm losing weight, eating healthy, being active, enjoying my class, feeling productive on the Board, excited for some upcoming plans....everything's really fine. So why am I feeling kind of sad and slow?

I need to shake this off or figure it out before I derail myself and get off track. I'm trying to feel good about the fact that I'm aware of it and trying to change it...but the hint of instability is starting to concern me.

Maybe I'm just feeling overwhelmed by everything I have going on? Good stress is stress too and I've never been good at being able to distinguish the two types.

Maybe I'm just nervous about everything going well and I'm looking for ways to doubt my successes or to self-sabotage?

I have to remind myself that this state of success is OK. It's natural and I deserve it. I deserve to be successful.

I deserve it. I'm working hard for it. And it's all mine. No one can take it away from me.

Looks like I've just tapped into the root of it. I'm scared. Scared of feeling good and having things go well. Scared of believing that I'm worth it. That I'm good enough. That I'm more than just OK.

This week I'll keep reminding myself that the only person that can ruin this is me. My doubt and my fears can either motivate me to work harder, or they can derail me completely.

I think I'll choose the former.



  1. You absolutely can do this!! And you are definitely worth the hard work and commitment to yourself. Hold no other thought in your mind except seeing yourself fit and healthy and at your goal weight... you'll get there easily! :)

  2. sometimes I go through those funks too. I'm in one right now :) The point is to work through it to get to the other side!!! Keep going!!!

  3. HLG - thanks for the boost. It's amazing how we can talk ourselves out of anything when we try hard enough. I'd rather talk myself out of feeling bad than to convince myself to stay down!

    Jen - it's definitely headed towards a funk. I have to turn this around fast.