Sep 14, 2010

What a lucky girl

One of the reasons I love my boyfriend so much - he always makes me laugh.  Here's an exchange we had on gchat earlier today:

Me: I'm bored of all my music.
Him:  you should listen to Lamb of God radio on Pandora
Me:  Eww, nope. I'm not that bored.
Him But you cold bang your head for all to see
Me: I'm not good at headbanging. Or the devil horns thing
Him don't be so hard on yourself
Me:  You're always so supportive.

Apparently he can support me with my weight loss efforts, my crazy days AND my attempts to rock out to metal.

Oh, what a guy.

(Seventies party - March 2010.  Y had lost the wig and I'd lost my sunglasses by this point!)

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