Feb 12, 2008

Creative buzz

Last night after another very long day at work, I went out and bought myself some art supplies.

Oil Pastels
Watercolor paper
Acrylic paper

I am so sick of coming home from work exhausted and not being able to do much more than lay on the couch and zone out while watching horrendously bad TV. And some nights I'm not even really watching....more like just staring. But the nights I'm actually paying attention to the shows aren't much better. I mean, come on....I'm getting hooked on shows like MTV's The Hills.

Yes, I admit it. I'm on Team Lauren. I'm a 29 year old, down-to-earth, professional woman who actually found herself sucked into a fake reality show about a spoiled socialite running around Los Angeles creating drama with her obnoxious, overly tanned friends (who are getting paid boatloads of money to hypnotize me into watching - $10K - $25K per episode!) I think they should pay ME to watch this drivel!

So last night I got home, made dinner, and busted out the pastels. And I have to say, while what I created may have been as pathetic looking as the programming that MTV is producing, at least it felt damn good to make!Today I'm grateful for: MB and being able to talk to her about anything, driving in the early morning sun, getting butterflies in my stomach when I talk to someone


  1. aww! thank you! "Today I'm grateful for:" YOU! And for having someone to worry when I fall and break my butt.

  2. Kind of off topic, but... I love your new blog template. Gorgeous!