Apr 12, 2010

Monday morning: I peeked

This morning I hopped on the scale to take a peek at my weight. For me, it's generally not a good idea to check mid-week (my weigh-in day is Friday) as I know how much your weight can fluctuate daily. But I still wanted to make sure I was on track. I made a few poor decisions this weekend (like when I dove head first into a bottle of wine and had pretzels for lunch the next day), but overall I recovered by eating well and doing some exercise.

Looking back, starting my Monday morning looking for affirmation from the scale could have been a bad set-up for a rough week, so I'm happy my efforts showed on the scale. But this was a good reminder that as much I think the scale doesn't affect how I feel about myself, it totally does.

I'm going to keep this as a positive though and count it as a GREAT boost of motivation for the week. Hope you all have a great week too!

So here are my weekly goals:

1. Start the C25K (pending how my hips fare with the program!)

2. Continue doing my XBox Fitness Yourself workouts (5 days)

3. Track every meal and snack

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