Jan 14, 2008

It's going to take some practice, I think

I guess after going so long without a blog, I'm really out of the routine of checking in often and posting. I need to put aside some time every day to write. My attempt today is a bit lame, but a good recap anyway.

Reading: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

Recommending: Paris, Je T'Aime. See it! It consists of 18 short films set in different arrondissemnents, each by a different brilliant director with an impressive ensemble cast. Though I've never even been to Paris before, I longed to visit the city as I watched the films and still days afterwards.

Wearing: PJs and a blanket - I'm working from home today since we're having a blizzard

Drinking: Banana pineapple smoothie. Delicious.

Weighing: 5 pounds less than it was last week! I've been making better choices with what I eat and am working out. I feel great.

Enjoying: The process of starting this event planning business with a friend. We got our business cards this weekend - and they look great. Also made some good local business contacts and have a placeholder up for our website.

Listening: Lots of Dar Williams

Daydreaming: Bahia de Luna

Today I am grateful for: heat, good friends, my cuddly new bunny, my grumpy old bunny

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  1. I love this set up of your post and I LOVED the Namesake, what a great read!